Welcome to the November edition of Clean Connections! Since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, we wanted to express our appreciation to everyone who has supported us by being a customer, reading this newsletter, or engaging with us in any way. Thank you!

This month, our 2023 Solutions Catalog is ready for download! Check it out to see our complete suite of address, identity, and data quality solutions. We're also spotlighting some quick, on-the-go solutions that anyone can use to clean and verify data, such as Melissa's Lookups app and online services, and showing you how easy it is to build a mailing list perfect for your specific needs.

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2023 Solutions Catalog
Melissa's 2023 Solutions Catalog is here! Download it now to start customizing a toolkit of smart, sharp tools specific to your data quality needs, from customer data verification to eIDV and everything in between. Plus, check out our free trials and POCs.
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What is eKYC?

It's not a secret that almost everything has become digital, especially in the wake of a global pandemic. But for some industries, moving online is easier said than done. Check out this article about electronic Know Your Customer and how financial institutions are making the jump to digital onboarding.

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Lookups App
Did you know Melissa's Lookups are available on-the-go? Download the Lookups app now to start checking addresses, emails, phone numbers, and much more, right on your phone!
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Mailers Online
Prepare, organize, and get the lowest postal rates on your direct mail with a CASS and PAVE Gold certified, easy-to-use engine. Plus, it's pay-as-you-go, no contract required!
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If you missed our Webinar with Database Trends and Applications about The Growing Challenge of Data Quality in the Era of Cloud and Analytics, check it out here.

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How to Build a Perfect Mailing List
Melissa has made it easy to create the perfect mailing list for your specific needs! Watch this step-by-step guide and order your list today.
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Graphic Note-OpenStreetMap vs. Premium Address Data-260px-V1-1
OpenStreetMaps vs. Premium Address Data
Ever wondered when to use free crowdsourced address data or pay for access to premium data? This quick article can help you figure it out.
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Lookups Lobby

ZIP Codes by County
Find ZIP Codes within a county, including corresponding city information such as residential and business information and maps.
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