September – a month to remember the importance of your DQ. This month, we get scientific with a peer-reviewed article while also sharing our top holiday tips for retailers. From greater discovery in science and medicine, to greater outreach and fulfillment in retail – Melissa’s got your data quality needs covered. Enjoy!

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Featured Article

Peer-Reviewed Article with Melissa Informatics & Max Planck Institute

We are thrilled to share that Melissa Informatics has been attributed as second author of a peer-reviewed publication with the Max Planck Institute. This open-access article is a really interesting read, especially because their use of open data resources and experimentation helped establish a semantic knowledgebase which led to even greater discovery.

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Featured Article

DBTA Winners’ Circle: Melissa

Explore how Melissa helps organizations build a solid foundation to empower their teams with quality data. Customer data decays from a number of things – whether input incorrectly or customer details change over time from moving, changing jobs or even getting married. Explore how we can help keep that data fresh and accurate.

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Featured Article

Addressing Critical Needs for Improved Research & Patient Care

Robert Stanley, Senior Director of Melissa Informatics, explores how data quality and harmonization are critical to deliver value from Electronic Medical Records (EMRs). He shares a real-world scenario in the Parkinson’s Institute and Clinical Center to explore the challenges, goals and methods of implementing data quality for EMRs.

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Phone Append

Missing the mark with customers? It could be time to expand your outreach with fresh phone data – mobile and landline!

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Email Verification

Reach the right customers, improve your outreach and protect your sender reputation with email verification.

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Tips & Tricks

Graphic Note-MelissaΓÇÖs Address Search Tool-260px-V1
Melissa’s Address Search Tool

Learn how to use the Address Search Lookup with Tony Deacon. He shares best use cases and best practices for this popular Lookup.

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When to Use OpenStreetMap vs. Premium Address Data

Why utilize Premium Address Data if OpenStreetMap is free? Explore the differences and when it’s vital to use Premium Address Data.

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There’s 15 streets named September in the US! Try the Address Search Lookup today to complete, validate or explore addresses associated with a single input.

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