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Personator Identity Portal

Personator Identity, part of the Melissa Identity Suite, provides simple, secure electronic identity verification. The Personator Identity Portal is now available to new and existing users of the Personator Identity web service.

Personator Identity Portal Overview

The Personator Identity Portal (PI Portal) is a quick, easy way to verify a person’s or business’s identity by checking a person’s or company name against other contact details, such as an address, phone number, or email. These checks happen in real time against trusted references and databases such as government, telco, and credit agencies.

On top of identity verification, the PI Portal will parse, verify, and standardize the information submitted before running the ID verification, so you will also receive Address, Phone, and Email results depending on the input fields that you choose to use.

In addition to the Single Verification Form, the PI Portal also has a Dashboard, where you can find a summary of your past transactions. This is filterable by year and country. There is also a Report Generator that allows you to input a transaction ID to receive a summary report of the transaction, which is then downloadable as a PDF.

Sample inputs are available for you to run free of charge with test records already provided. This is a great way to see how the PI Portal works and familiarize yourself with the layout, so make sure to utilize this resource!

Getting Started

The PI Portal is easy to access! Simply navigate to My Account on the Melissa website. Once logged in, under the Useful Links section, there will be a link to the Personator Identity Portal.

Once in the PI Portal, make sure to click the “Show Options” slider, insert your License Key, and select the “Check” and “Verify” boxes to run your identity check.

Don’t have a License Key? Reach out to your Melissa Rep to see how you can get one!

Next, input the record you want to verify. Once submitted, your results will come back with result codes that explain any indicators or changes that we have found. The Identity section also has a confidence score of how confident we are that this person exists, as well as the type of database where this information was found.



For a complete walkthrough, watch the step-by-step tutorial for the US and the EU!

The PI Portal also works with Sub Users! Instead of each user creating a new Melissa account, you can reach out to your sales representative to add Sub Users, whose transactions will be counted under the main Melissa account.

Want more information on Sub Users? Check out the PI Portal Sub User Wiki Page!

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Our Identity Verification Solutions

Melissa has a full suite of electronic identity verification solutions. Personator Identity is a full-spectrum identity verification solution that verifies identities worldwide and helps companies meet stringent compliance requirements such as Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Know-Your-Customer (KYC), and Bank Secrecy Act (BSA).

 We also offer Melissa ID, a mobile scan app that helps companies on any device by subjecting the customer’s identity information to a rigorous suite of biometric, document, and database checks.

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